We have some news for you about the Riviera Maya: the Cancun International Airport is now one of the busiest In the world! With 1,219 international flights per week, it’s currently ranked at #10, having welcomed 7 million passengers in the 1st quarter of 2022.

The Cancun Airport is seeing a much faster recovery than other airports across the globe. Last year, it had 35% of all the international passengers in the country (MEX had 26.9%). It currently has direct flights from all over North America, parts of South America, and cities throughout Western Europe like London, Rome, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

Cancún has been Mexico’s main international airport for quite some time. Most of the airport’s international passengers arrive from the United States. Throughout the pandemic, Cancún bounced back and attracted international travelers looking for leisure destinations with lots of open spaces and few travel restrictions. Mexico, and Cancún in particular, have become this type of destination.

In addition to the Cancún airport, there is one on the island of Cozumel and a third one in the works for Tulum. These three airports, along with the planned Mayan Train route which will run across the peninsula, will ensure maximum connectivity for the entire region.

Now is a great time to make the Riviera Maya your home as a digital nomad. With so many people flowing through the Mexican Caribbean there are many investment opportunities. When you’re not using your property you can generate rental income and live off of it. This way you can maintain a lifestyle dedicated to working and traveling, enjoying life to the fullest.





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