Since I moved to Mexico a little over a year ago, I was sure that I had made one of the best decisions of my life. I would never regret choosing the Riviera Maya as my new place of residence.

And it is that for a person who spent a large part of his life committed to his work it was important to fully enjoy his 60’s and he could not choose another place that did not have beautiful beaches, in addition this city meets all my whims.

 What procedures do you need?

Of course, at the beginning my fears focused on the procedures that this decision entails; Like many, the questions jumped to my head, what procedures do I have to go through to live in Mexico? What document do I need? Nothing could be further than the fear that such questions instill.

Unlike other countries in the world, Mexico is not so rigid with its immigration procedures, basically what is needed is to have good economic stability that guarantees a quiet life in your country.

It still seems that it was yesterday when I attended the Mexican Canadian embassy and they informed me that there are 3 types of visas to reside in Mexico: temporary residence visa, student visa and permanent residence visa.

Documents ready

Then, I learned that they request a valid passport or identity document, as expected; ID-type photo of the applicant, certificate or proof of financial solvency and a payment for application fees, which was $ 44.

In my case, when applying for permanent residence, they also asked me for a document confirming my status as a retiree or a relationship with a Mexican or foreign citizen with a permanent residence visa.

So it is clear that it is not difficult to carry out the necessary procedures to take flight and live in these lands. From the moment I arrived directly at the Cancun International Airport, the weather welcomed me with open arms; It was everything I imagined … that breeze and tropical heat that I love so much welcomed me.

Love at first sight

It was not my first time in this territory. When I was younger I got to visit Playa del Carmen and Cozumel and boy did I fall in love in a couple of seconds; I first believed in love at first sight and knew that at some point in my life it would be my new home.

Today, I could relate my day-to-day life in these soils, how the people are and much more, but I will only focus on emphasizing how easy it was to process my permanent stay here and how calm I feel being able to move anywhere state or city of this nation with my visa, although it would hardly take me off my Riviera.

Thanks to Evoke Real Estate, these procedures have been a natural part of my new life. I am happy to enjoy this paradise.




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